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Edifier is a brand we have reviewed a number of there products from headphones to speakers and they are back with another pair of studio monitor loudspeakers the MR4 that allow you to enjoy your music without the need for headphones in your home office or chilling in your living room after a long day.


I have recently just had a new office built in the garden so the timing of Edifier MR4 arriving could not have been better. The Edifier MR4 currently costs £129 via Amazon so they fall in that budget-friendly zone and are available in white or Black in the review we were sent the Black version.

The two key benefits when reviewing a product from Edifier is they are always value for money and you can always bet on excellent performance and the MR4 continues that trend.

If you have tried powered speakers or studio monitors before they share lots of similar features. However, studio monitors are generally tuned for a flat frequency so any left is quite audible. They are designed to provide a louder and more immersive listening experience. Powered speakers are made for the enjoyment of music and have intentional non-linearity to enhance engagement. What you will be pleased to hear the MR4 provide something for both types of listener


The Edifier MR4 offer a 2-way design using a 4-inch low-frequency diaphragm woofer to produce a stronger bass and more accurate overall sound. The speaker also comes with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter to produce a smooth and high-frequency sound placed inside an MDF-made cabinet with a special coating to ensure a more natural and refined treble. As mentioned the monitors can be in all black or white with a black driver style.

Size wise the speakers measure up the following 140 x 228 x 197.5mm and you will have no issue with them fitting on your desk. Moving to the front it has waveguides moulded for both drivers to sit and then there is a couple of inches of free space and the controls are located on the right monitor. You also have two 3.5mm ports on that speaker positioned on the left side and these ports can be used as a headphone jack there is also an AUX input as well. Next to the port is the volume control that can also be used as the power button. When you power on the speaker there is also a small LED to indicate the speaker is on.

Moving to the rear of the speaker you have round bass ports which are located at the top of the speaker. There are also a set of spring terminals on both speakers. The primary speaker also has input jacks such as a 6.35mm TRS balanced input jack for direct connection to consoles, mixers and other equipment above that, you have adjustments for both bass and treble. Finally in the bottom right is that fixed power cord.

The monitors are also packaged with a speaker cable that is used to connect both monitors together also included is an RCA audio cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a user manual.

The Edifier MR4 studio is easy to set up simply plug in the fixed power cord into a power supply and use that provided speaker cable between the two speakers and then connect your input source. You will notice the speakers do not come with any wireless compatibility which is understandable considering these will be wired for connection.


The best way to test the MR4 was as a studio monitor via my laptop and I was very impressed with the bass considering the size of the woofers the sub-bass is rolled off below 80Hz and can be a little limited. The bass we got from the MR4 was well-controlled and cleaner than I thought I was going to get. I found the clarity and detail impressive.

The mid-bass performed even better and offered even more clarity and texture in the sound. This is when I kept the volume at a max of 75% or lower.  Taking the volume above 75% did cause distortion and this also affected the treble so if you want the best quality sound keep it at an enjoyable level.

Once you have selected the right volume level in this case about 55% the extension was good and the detail compared to other studio monitors on the market.

The Edifier MR4 also comes with a unique feature it allows the user to switch to music mode. The mode provides a tonal balance creating a warmer sound signature with a focus on the mid-bass and lower treble and more focus on that vocal range as well. The music mode is best when listening to music, podcasts or in a small window I get a chance to watch films these do a fantastic job.  The monitor mode is designed for critical listening because there is a more linear sounding frequency range.

Overall I found the sound quality to be crystal clear and crisp but only as mentioned below that 75%. Personally, I found keeping the level at 55% the best for me as this allows for listening at a comfortable level. I think these speakers are ideal for a home studio and are clearly a step up from your standard set-up and will enhance my new work office set-up.

An example of its performance is when watching the opening part of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 the opening sequence is complex and the surround sound was handled very well and never seemed muddied.


The Edifier MR4 is ideal if you are on a budget and are looking to create a home studio or increase your sound system for listening to music while at home. I was also impressed with the lack of room they needed in my room they are ideal for these with limited space.

The overall sound quality works well and is transparent and comes with an impressive level of texture. However, if you try and push the volume too hard it will not sound nice and will distort. Keeping the volume at a mid-level will provide an impressive-sounding pair of monitor speakers for those on a budget

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